There Was A Man Who Was A Warrior In Life

There was a man who was a warrior in life. He fought many battles on behalf of those who could not fight for themselves. The devil saw this as a challenge and sent many foes to defeat the warrior, but the warrior defeated them all.

After sending many to battle, the devil had the idea to beat the warrior by using the warrior’s greatest foe: himself.

The devil gave the warrior’s body an ailment known as Diabetes. This did weaken the warrior for a time, but the warrior learned to manage it and became strong again. This angered the Devil and made him pull out an ailment that no man had heard of and for which there was no cure. This ailment would cause the warrior pain as he had never felt. This ailment would also not be able to be seen by others, making the warrior seem mad to them.

The warrior began to lose many friends and family as he was unable to do many of the things he used to be able to.

The warrior, now just a man, became overcome with sadness and thought of taking his own life. It was at this moment in his head he remembered a joke he had heard long ago and began to laugh. He found that the laughter overtook the pain and he began to be happy again. He soon started seeing that people were coming back to his side again and laughing with him.

The warrior knew he could never battle for others again as he had to now keep fighting for himself. This made the devil realize that while he could weaken someone he could never truly break them if they did not want to be broken.

This story is a message to all my HS Warriors. While we may be weakened, it is our choice to become fully broken or not. Please stay strong and never break. We are our own worst enemies, but we can also be our own saviors.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helped some of you if not all.

~HS Patient





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